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Oceanography 101

MiraCosta College - Spring, 2016

Course description:
This course explores the major processes and features of the world's oceans, including fundamentals of science, Earth history and evolution, plate tectonics, the origin and history of the ocean basins, atmospheric circulation, weather and climate, ocean circulation, and the dynamics of waves, tides, and coastlines. The course also reviews marine life (including plankton, nekton, benthos, and marine mammals), explores the oceans as a resource for people, and considers human impacts on marine environments.

Contact Hours/Week

OCEA101 - 1124 - T/R 10:20-11:35am

Phil Stoffer
Office Hours: before & after class, and by appointment
Office and mail stop location:
SEC Admin/Student Services Bldg M/S 17A

Course syllabus: provides information regarding class grading, testing and assignments, attendance, participation in class and field trips, students with disabilities, student learning outcomes, etc.
Students will need basic computer technology skills in order to complete this course (such web browsing, viewing U-Tube videos, composing e-text with graphic images, creating Adobe .pdf files, e-mail, etc.).

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This website serves as a "course textbook." Students will need to have access to a web brouser and a printer (available through the college if necessary). An optional oceanography textbook is available in the bookstore, but is not necessary with content provided here and the links to "external" online resources (including government and societal web-based publications, etc.).
  Calendar and Overview
Dates Materials Chapters/Deliverables
1/26 Introduction to Oceanography Chapter 1
1/28 Introduction to Oceanography (quiz due 2/1)
2/2 Evolution of Life Through Time Chapter 2
2/4 Evolution of Life Through Time (quiz due 2/8)
2/9 Structure of the Earth (quiz due 2/15) Chapter 3
2/11 Structure/Plate Tectonics (quiz due 2/17) Chapter 4
2/16 Plate Tectonics  
2/18 Field Trip 1 (TBA) and Test #1 (Chapters 1-4) (due 2/24)
2/23 Ocean Basins (quiz due 2/29) Chapter 5
2/25 Marine Sediments (quiz due 3/2) Chapter 6
3/1 Marine Sediments  
3/3 Properties of Seawater (quiz due 3/9) Chapter 7
3/8 Properties of Seawater  
3/10 Atmospheric Circulation (quiz due 3/16) Chapter 8
3/15 Atmospheric Circulation  
3/17 Field Trip 2 (TBA) and Test #2 (Chapters 5-8) (due 3/27)
3/20-3/27 Spring Break
3/29 Ocean Circulation (quiz due 4/4) Chapter 9
3/31 Ocean Circulation
4/5 Waves and Currents (quiz due 4/11) Chapter 10
4/7 Waves and Currents  
4/12 Tides (quiz due 4/13) Chapter 11
4/14 Coasts (quiz due 4/20) Chapter 12
4/19 Coasts  
4/21 Field Trip 3 (TBA) and Test 3 (Chapters 9-12) (due 4/25)
4/26 Primary Production (quiz due 5/2) Chapter 13
4/28 Marine Environments (quiz due 5/9) Chapter 14
5/3 Marine Environments
5/5 Field Trip 4 (TBA)
5/10 Marine Communities (quiz due 5/19) Chapter 15
5/12 Marine Communities  
5/17 Marine Communities (quiz due 5/19) Chapter 16
5/19 Field Trip 5 (TBA)
5/23-5/26 Final Exam (TBA) - Chapter 13-16 (due noon 5/26)

Please note: this course website is only temporary and may be modified over time. The information on this website may be replaced (the current information may not be available).

Field Trips

16 field trip destinations to count for "assignments"
What do you observe on a beach field trip?

Assignment #1 - San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center
Assignment #2 - San Elijo State Beach
Assignment #3 - Delmar Dog Beach
Assignment #4 - Torrey Pines State Beach

Trips to the Birch Aquarium or the San Diego Natural History Museum will count as assignments... ask! 1/16/1016