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Alternative Assignments

In lieu of participating in the class field trips students can do these alternative take-home "alternative" asignments.

All require access to a computer with a printer (many are available on campus).

Rate which of the videos you thought were the best and most useful for sharing with other students.

However, labs are not to be copied from the the work of other students. (Work will be checked in the order that they are received.)

Alternative Assignment #1 - Volcanoes and Volcanic Activity
Alternative Assignment #2 - Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Alternative Assignment #3 - Landslides and Floods
Alternative Assignment #4 - Storm Erosion
Alternative Assignment #5 - Geology of National Parks

Copy and paste it into an email
. Send the results of the to your instructor at

Give the e-mail subject the name of the lab, such as "Alternative Assignment #2 - Volcanoes"

Be sure to include your name and which class you are in!