"Geology Cafe" is a natural resource website focused on the origin of rocks and geologic processes changing our American landscapes. Content focus is on introductory college level courses on geology and oceanography. Topical discussions, maps, and photography focus mostly about California geology, but also includes information about other regions. Watch our website evolve with our changing world!
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Introduction to Oceanography MiraCosta College

Contents (course notes)
Chapter 1: Introduction to Oceanography
Chapter 2: Evolution of Life Through Time
Chapter 3: Structure of Earth
Chapter 4: Plate Tectonics
Chapter 5: Ocean Basins
Chapter 6: Marine Sediments
Chapter 7: Properties of Seawater
Chapter 8: Atmospheric Circulation
Chapter 9: Ocean Circulation
Chapter 10: Waves & Currents
Chapter 11: Tides
Chapter 12: Coasts
Chapter 13: Primary Production
Chapter 14: Marine Environments
Chapter 15: Pelagic Marine Communites
Chapter 16: Benthic Marine Communities
This site is now an open-source textbook at:

Introduction to Geology

This site is now an open-source textbook at:

"Every Rock Has A Story"

Rocks Illustrate
Geologic maps of the San Francisco Bay and New York City regions
New York City vs. San Francisco Bay
How do the regions compare?

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