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Learn about these selected topics related to California geology!

The "Rock Cycle"
Landscape Evolution
Weathering & Erosion
Depositional Environments
Inland Basins: Lakes and Playas
Beaches, Barriers, Bays, Lagoons, Estuaries, and Rocky Coastlines
Regional Tectonics& Volcanism
The "Water Cycle"
How Glaciers Affected California Landscapes
Marine & Stream Terraces
Monterey Bay Offshore
Regional Weather & Climate Data
Humans as "Agents of Erosion"
Glossary of Selected Geologic Terms

Learn about natural hazards in our region:

Wild Fires
Floods & Drought

Click here to see common rocks and minerals of the San Juan Bautista region. Examples:
blueschist schist
Serpentinite (blue variety) Mica schist
See this introductory field guide to:
Rocks and Geology of the San Francisco Bay Region

Click here to see a shaded relief map of the Gabilan Range.

Regional weather & climate data

See a maps of outdoor destinations in the Cental Coast region.

Learn about Pinnacles National Monument.

Geology of the California Central Coast Region

Regional geologic map (modified from California Geological Survey)

See a location map of the San Andreas Fault in the vicinity San Juan Bautista where the fault crosses Highway 101.

Click here to see a map of outdoor science destinations in the Central Coast region.

See selected Field Trips in the Central Coast Region

This map series illustrates the changing landscape and coastline of the coastal region over the past 100 million years based on geologic interpretation of the rocks preserved in the region (modified from USGS Professional Paper 1501). Click on map for a larger view.

Geology, Topographic, and Satellite Maps Illustrated
Click on the maps below to see how maps illustrate landscape and geologic features. Examples use San Juan Bautista Quadrangle (7.5 minute; 1:24.000) located in California's Central Coast region and shows landscape features including the San Andreas Fault.
Click on maps for a larger view.
geologic map topographic
Geologic map Topographic map
satellite combined
Satellite map Satellite with geology
On maps, click on the header line to switch between maps.