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Geologic History of Central California

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Cretaceous Geography of Central California
Geologic History of California
This map series illustrates the changing landscape and coastline of the coastal region over the past 100 million years based on geologic interpretation of the rocks preserved in the region (modified from USGS Professional Paper 1501). Click on maps for a larger view.
  Satellite Mosaic Late Holocene pliocene
  Satellite mosaic Late Holocene (today) Pleistocene ~0.7Ma
  Pliocene Late Miocene Middle Miocene
  Pliocene ~4-5Ma Late Miocene ~10Ma Middle Miocene ~16Ma
  Oligocene Early Miocene Middle Eocene
  Early Miocene ~21Ma Oligocene ~30Ma Middle Eocene ~45Ma
  Early Eocene Paleocene Late Mesozoic
  Early Eocene ~52Ma Paleocene ~59Ma Late Cretaceous ~100Ma