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Geology 101

MiraCosta College—Spring, 2015
Course description:

The course introduces processes at work, changing the earth today, and it explores the origins of rocks, minerals, and sediments, as well as the action of air, water, ice, wind, and solar energy in sculpting earth’s surface environments. Key concepts include the rock cycle, plate tectonic, geologic time, and the impact of natural processes involving climate and bedrock geology on evolving landscapes.

Contact Hours/Week

Tuesday: 11:00am-12:30pm - Lecture
Thursday:11:00am-12:30pm - Lecture

Phil Stoffer
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, after class and online

Course syllabus: provides information regarding class grading, testing and assignments, attendance, participation, students with disabilities, student learning outcomes, etc.

How to Study!

  Calendar and Overview
Date Materials Chapters/Deliverables
1-20 Introduction to Geology Chapter 1
1-22 Basic Prinicples Chapter 2
1-27 Basic Principles  
1-29 Minerals & Gems Chapter 3
2-3 Understanding Maps Chapter 4
2-5 Gemological Institute of America field trip (map)
2-10 Review Assignment #1 due (TBA)
2-12 Test #1 (Chapters 1-4) - see test review page
2-17 Plate Tectonics Chapter 5
2-19 Plate Tectonics  
2-24 Earthquakes & Landscapes Chapter 6
2-26 Earthquakes & Landscapes  
3-3 Igneous Rocks Chapter 7
3-5 Igneous Rocks  
3-10 Review Assignment #2 due (TBA)
3-12 Test #2
3-16 to
Spring Break
3-24 Weathering & Erosion Chapter 8
3-26 Weathering & Erosion  
3-31 Sedimentary Rocks & Processes Chapter 9
4-2 Sedimentary Rocks & Processes  
4-7 Metamorphic Rocks Chapter 10
4-9 Rivers, Streams & Groundwater Chapter 11
4-14 Rivers, Streams & Groundwater  
4-16 Review Assignment #3 - Calavera Hills
4-21 Test #3
4-23 Field trip to Calavera Hills Volcano.See Map
4-28 Glaciers & Glaciation Chapter 12
4-30 Impacts of Ice Ages  
5-5 Deserts Chapter 13
5-7 Ocean & Shoreline Processes Chapter 14
5-12 Earth History Chapter 15
5-14 Review Assignment #4 due at final
5-19 Final Exam - 11 am
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The Rock Cycle Illustrated Rock Cycle
The Rock Cycle Illustrated Rock Cycle (basic)

Calavera Hills Nature Preserve Field Trip
Prepartion Assignment (#3)

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