Lands End (Golden Gate National Recreation Area)

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Ruins of the historic Cliff House and Suttro Bath are located near the Lands End point of northwestern San Francisco. The original Cliff House was built in 1863, but burned in 1894. It was replaced with a massive, Victorian-style building in 1896 that was short-lived, it survived the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 only to burn in a raging fire the following year. Remnants of the baths now serve as tide pools amongst the ruins.

LandsEnd LandsEnd2.jpg

Waves crashing into a side passage inside a historic access tunnel near the Suttro Baths (the main entrance is visible in the image above).
LandsEnd LandsEnd3.jpg

Still water in the Suttro Bath ruins.
LandsEnd LandsEnd4.jpg

The third version of the Cliff House (1909-present) straddles sea cliffs at Lands End. Sea stacks stained white with bird guano add to the foggy scenery offshore.
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