Golden Gate National Cemetery

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The Golden Gate National Cemetery is located in San Mateo County (adjacent to I-280 in San Bruno).


Facing east across the burial ground. All graves have the same white marble stone military grave marker.



About 113,000 United State military personnel are buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery.

ggnc ggnc3.jpg

San Bruno Mountain is northeast of the cemetery.
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More than half the people buried in the cemetery are veterans of World War II.

The facility is open to the public. Genealogy and grave location information is available at the facility and on the internet.
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A walk among the endless rows of graves is a powerful and amazing experience.
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San Bruno Mountain from the cemetery flagpole area.
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Golden Gate National Cemetery.
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The "Industrial City" sign on San Bruno Mountain can be seen across the valley.
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Golden Gate National Cemetery.
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Golden Gate National Cemetery.
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