Chesbro Reservoir Park

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This view is from the dam looking west along the shore of Chesbro Reservoir. The boat dock is on the right.



Chesbro Reservoir boat dock with the slopes of Loma Prieta Peak in the distance

Chesbro Chesbro3.jpg

Chesbro Dam
Chesbro Chesbro4.jpg

Serpentinite outcrops along the road next to Chesbro Reservoir

Serpentinite outcrops along the road next to Chesbro Reservoir.
Chesbro Chesbro6.jpg

Manzanita is a sepentinite soil-loving plant. This serpentinite outcrop is on the north side of Chesbro Dam.
Chesbro Chesbro7.jpg

The trail below Chesbro Dam passes through a hillside covered with manzanita.
Chesbro Chesbro8.jpg

Outlet for Chesbro Dam
Chesbro Chesbro9.jpg

Chesbro Dam spillway
Chesbro Chesbro10.jpg

Chesbro Dam spillway
Chesbro Chesbro11.jpg

Chesbro Dam
Chesbro Chesbro12.jpg

Manzanita growing on serpentinite near Chesbro Dam
Chesbro Chesbro13.jpg

Chesbro Reservoir and Loma Prieta Peak in the distance
Chesbro Chesbro14.jpg

Chesbro Reservoir

During low water, typically by the end of the summer, the upstream end of Chesbro Reservoir is an extensive mudflat with a meandering stream channel exposed.
Chesbro Chesbro16.jpg

Chesbro Reservoir mudflats with Loma Prieta Peak in the distance.
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