"Geology Cafe" is a natural resource website focused on the origin of rocks and geologic processes changing our American landscapes. Content focus is on introductory college level earth science courses includes discussions, maps, and photography with information mostly about California geology, but also includes information about other regions. Watch our website evolve with our changing world!

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"Every Rock Has A Story"
Rocks Illustrate

Geology Fieldtrips
on the Central California Coast

The Central Coast is a geologic wonderland!
Check out these hiking and driving guides to observe traces of the major California earthquake faults, rocks, and landscape features San Benito, Santa Clara, Monterey Counties, the Bay Area and beyond...
Oceanography (MiraCosta College, course notes)
Geology of Gems (Queensboro Community College)
Feel an earthquake?
Get information.
Geologic maps of the San Francisco Bay and New York City regions
New York City vs. San Francisco Bay
How do the regions compare?
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